Updating active directory

In the past the only way I’ve only ever known how to do this is by using the AD Photo Edit Free utility, which while nice tends to be a bit buggy and it requires lots of repetitive action as you manually update each user for each attribute.

This year I’ve given myself the goal of 1) finally learning Powershell/Power CLI to at least the level of mild proficiency and 2) automating as many tasks like this as possible.

Today I got to have the joys of needed to once again get caught up on importing employee photos into the Active Directory photo attributes, thumbnail Photo and jpeg Photo.

While this isn’t exactly the most necessary thing on Earth it does make working in a Windows environment “pretty” as these images are used by things such as Outlook, Lync and Cisco Jabber among other.

I created my reverse zone and added a forward zone bigorange.local - when I add computers to my domain, DNS is not updated with their IP address and hostname.

When it finds a match it updates # the jpeg Photo and thumbnail Photo attributes for the account with the jpg file # Credit for Resize Image Function goes to Lewis Roberts # # # USAGE: .\Set-ADPhotos.ps1 -jpgdir "c:\photos" -OU "LDAP://ou=staff,dc=foo,dc=com" param ( [string]$jpgdir, [string]$OU ) Import-Module Active Directory Function Resize Image() foreach ($photo in (Get-Child Item -Path $jpgdir -File)) Did I mention that I had some help from the Googles?

We are currently using Jabber version 10.5 and we are connecting to Active directory for contact details.

KB3205394 is for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 KB3206632 and KB3205386 are for Windows 10.

I'm not sure if these apply to Windows 8.1 and Server 2012r2.


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