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CJM became a cultural phenomenon after Buzzfeed reposted messages from the now wildly popular Instagram account.

The Forward‘s op-ed encouraged people to “Stop LOL-ing at My Crazy Jewish Mom,” calling her messages “emotional abuse” and xo Jane, whose commenters are notoriously prickly, was not laughing at the book’s very funny press release, with useful advice on husband hunting.

An afternoon spent with the so-called “Crazy Jewish Mom” and her daughter is like spending the day with your own slightly overbearing (but ultimately well-meaning) mother…especially if your mother happens to be Jewish and just a little bit insane.

At age 16 he sold his first photograph to within the year he was the magazine’s staff photographer.

A number of his photos from this period are on display in the exhibition–everything from his portraits of movie stars to his observations of New York City life of 65 years ago.


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