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For what it's worth, I self-identify as Mexican-American - which as anyone who knows a thing or two about being Latin/Hispanic/Chicano, is what I have always felt is a complicated relationship (see: ).Given that there are racial issues heavily embedded within the Mexican culture, interracial and intercultural dating are sort of two heads of the same coin for me. You’d think my family would get used to the diversity, but some still throw a judgmental side eye in our direction.That’s just the tip of the iceberg; many interracial couples are still confronted with the ignorance of others on a daily basis.As part of Committed, we're exploring partnerships ranging from a textbook marriage between high-school sweethearts to a gay couple creating a life together in the conservative deep South.I love my husband unconditionally, and we have amazing chemistry, but we’re also definite proof that opposites attract. None of these differences were deal breakers as we fell deeper and deeper in love, but even before America appeared to be on the verge of collapse, being in an interracial relationship came with its fair share of challenges.For people of color who live in a White-dominated country, many of those experiences will be plagued by racism.

Some Latinos believe that it’s essential to ‘lighten the race,’ and encourage family members to date the It stems from self-hatred and being ashamed of our blackness and/or the native roots that some Latinos refuse to accept. No matter what his culture or skin-color, ignore the naysayers.Accusations of ‘dirtying the race.’ If you’re a light-skinned Latina who fell in love with a dark-skinned man, your family may just reprimand you for ‘dirtying the race.’ I’ve heard this all of my life: how that kids will have nappy hair because she married an African-American man; how her man is so dark her kids will be blue-black — in other words, ugly; how they’ll forget the Spanish language all together.Unfortunately, this mentality is prominent in our communities, especially among traditional Latinos.To put it bluntly, many White people simply have no idea what they are getting into when they begin relationships with people of color. If you don’t believe racism exists, don’t date interracially.To raise awareness of the issues such individuals may encounter, I decided to write this list. While confined to the realms of “Whiteness,” a person can remain ignorant to the experiences of racism that constantly leave people of color feeling diminished and undervalued.Relationships don’t look like they used to (and that's a good thing).


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