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I have nicknamed her GLUE as she holds us all together.

She quickly started searching through my FB pictures updating my images and addressing my description.I recognize my baseball playing days are over as my twice-repaired right shoulder sounds like a box of pop rocks when I move it even on a good day so my only way to be part of the game is through the keyboard and writing about it.As luck would have it, the baseball Winter Meetings were in my own backyard this year and having written about the sport from the sidelines so many seasons, I felt it was time to foot the bill and make the Winter Meetings a fantasy writers camp (thanks to @usfsucks for that idea) When I learned the Winter Meetings were going to be in my backyard, I made up my mind that I had to go and be a part of it.She opened with height (6’-1”) claiming ‘no one likes to date a short guy’, then mentioned good career because ‘no one likes a cheap skate’.She changed interested in triathlon to “elite athlete” and concluded with adventurous and outgoing.Where rabbits are adopted to live with others, I (The Rabbit Crossing) will bond your rabbit or rabbits for you only allowing bunnies to go home when the bond is firmly made.


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