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” Both companies are dominant forces in America’s .2 billion online-dating industry, which in the last few years has quickly become a bedrock of the American love life.

One in 10 adults now average more than an hour every day on a dating site or app, Nielsen data show.

And not for the usual reasons like lack of chemistry or the person being nothing like their profile promised — but because of whom they voted for, and what political positions they support.

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David Goss, the site’s founder, told Fox News that membership jumped by about 5,000 after Mr Trump’s shock election victory in November, and another wave of new members signed up ahead of his inauguration.e Harmony is reportedly not the only dating app that has benefited from Mr Trump’s win.Bernadette Libonate, the director of brand partnerships at Ok Cupid, told Refinery29 that in the last 10 days of January this year, the number of photo uploads on the site increased 37 per cent from the same time period in 2016. Like e Harmony Andrew, e HJ tells me he hasn't read my blog because he didn't want to feel like he was spying on me. At one point, I bring up a man-friend of mine who happens to possess very limited game where girls are concerned, and chooses to employ it solely on young, and generally struggling, actresses/models. On the outside, I'm totally cool and we chat about almost everything. They need to do the whole a$$hole, get a hot dumb girl to go home with them thing because they've seen it in the movies and it looks awesome -- it looks like the dream. US President Donald Trump’s election victory led to more people longing for love, according to the chief executive of online dating site e Harmony.


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